Mother, I’m A Soldier

This video poem depicts the thoughts of one soldier who fought in World War One.
The highest love and respect for those who gave their lives in order to pave the way for our freedom today. It is our duty to remember the pain of physical and mental anguish these men suffered in order to afford us our way of life.
Peace is fragile and temporary. Not to be taken for granted.

Mother, I’m A Soldier

Mother, I am going to a bleak and barren place,
not to question rules of politics or race.
Gratifying those who speak with poison-laden tongues,
and hang their lies on webs so deftly spun.

I am fighting for my country.
Mother, I am seeing scenes which erstwhile linger deep
within the bounds of restless sleep.
A bloodied friend amid the screams that pierce the
soul and then condemn you, near demented, to the chasm of the damned.

Apart from that I am well.
Mother, I am frightened and am yearning for the comforts,
long relinquished in the name of liberty and pride.
Of the death list they are saying, ‘You were heros and we’re praying
for your martyred souls, and damn them for the slaying.’

Mother, I am praying.

Mother, I am fighting. Who? Distorted loyalties confuse
my muddled brain as I contain my anguished mind and then
endeavour to regain my soldier’s stance upon the field of human madness.
Comrade’s eyes, in chance reflections, only mirroring my sadness.

How is my wife?
Mother, I am dying…pierced my chest, the bullet stakes
its claim and I am slain for glory and for victory. This valiant stain
upon the conscience of the civilised and right. Another soldier’s name.
Life is ebbing, I am treading to my last historic fame.

Mother, tell my children.

About ShirleyB

I was born with the muse in me. Sometimes I wish it would go away but it won't, so, good, bad or ugly it will escape intermittently.
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